Back in my driveway again

Back in my driveway again. One girl's story of being reunited with her minivan

Diana Ross and the Supremes had a big hit with the song, Back in my arms again and this week, that song has been set on replay in my head. Sylvia has been sick, wounded. Dare I say, immobile. Last month she started to shake and shudder when I’d drive her and she was making […]

The hat (A love story)

The Hat (A love story)

Once upon a time there was a knitter. The knitter and her family lived out in the country where birds chirped and cows mooed. It was a quiet life where boredom often set in before chores were completed. When she first learned to knit, the knitter had dreams of filling her closets and home with […]

Snow Selfies while roads are snow covered by Ohio Department of Transportation

Ohio department of transportation snow plow drivers abuse company time with a snow selfie

**There’s an update at the end of this post… feel free to scroll down to read so you’re all up to date.** I live on a state route in rural NE Ohio. It always feels like we are the last to be plowed by Ohio Department of Transportation. Sometimes we don’t see a snow plow […]

I threw your pitch in the trash again today

you dont know me

I don’t ever want to give the impression that I’m somehow ungrateful for the wonderful opportunities I’ve received but the level of subpar pitches that are making their way into my inbox (and others’ from what I can wager) every day have reached an all-time high, forcing me to be the bad guy and tell […]

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Knitters

valentine's day gift guide for knitters

Knitters get no respect. We are often seen as old ladies whiling away the hours in our rocking chairs knitting baby booties and afghans for the grandchildren. And while that’s partly correct, there are hundreds upon thousands of young and hip knitters out there. I like to think that I am one of them (pay […]