Dear July, don’t let the door hit ya…

Goodbye July

I can’t say that I’m a bit sorry to see July go.  From the near impossibility of scheduling things with my clients to Brian’s in and out of the hospital and just the general rush of things has made me feel like standing at my front door waving a handkerchief and singing, “So long, farewell…” […]

12 Knitting hashtags for Instagram

Knitting hashtags for Instagram

Whenever I get PDD (project deficit disorder) with my knitting, I like to crawl instagram for ideas, inspiration and just to oogle other people’s yarn. Sing with me; “Oh instagram… How I love you, you are my favorite, my most favorite…”  Okay. I admit it, my singing voice may have gone way of the cassette […]

School Administrators, Doctors and BS, Oh MY!


I am going to try and keep this fast and dirty but there’s so much on my mind that if I don’t get it off my mind, mah brain… it shall explode. Brian is back in the hospital. Three weeks ago he underwent a routine Arthoscopy to remove some scar tissue from the great deer […]

Not our first run around the {dog} park


When we first got Lily back in March, my Facebook feed was filled with other friends getting new puppies and navigating the journey of being a pet parent. For some of my friends this has been a first time experience and for others, it’s been like riding a bicycle after living without one for a […]

This crazy little (farm) life

This crazy little (farm) life

Bug mowed the garden the other night. It was starting to look like a very mini wheat field and we decided it was time to mow it down. Unfortunately in the process we forgot to cut some of the garlic chives that had taken to seed a couple of years ago. Oh well, they’ll be […]

Understanding Seventy times Seven

Understanding Seventy times Seven

From Kindergarten through part of the fifth grade I attended private school. I pretty much hated private school; I had few friends and I was picked on but the one thing I did like was learning about the Bible. I loved the bible stories and religion lessons. Sadly not much of what I learned stayed with […]

Oh Alaska, I can’t quit you.

Oh Alaska, I can't quit you

I don’t think I’ve traveled anywhere that has made me want and ache to return until this last month. At the end of April Brian and I took an impromptu trip to Anchorage, Alaska. Visiting Alaska has been a dream of his for a long time and with both of us in our last year […]