How do YOU knitflix?

I do not consider myself a trendsetter. I suppose being that I work in digital media and content creation I am always in the know of new trends as it relates to business or social media but when it comes to my personal life and hobbies? Not so much. I like what I like, and […]

And then I was never so thankful for computers because if this were paper I would’ve cried all over it

Night number two of no sleep. The east coast is awake and if I were there, I’d be on my way to the office because this is Thursday. Instead, I’ve given up on any chance of sleeping. I have so much to say and no idea where to start. I guess I’ll start with what nags […]

Eating and shopping on the Kenai Peninsula

Now that we’ve lived here in Alaska for a couple of months, I have been able to establish a base for where a large portion of the money is going. I bet it comes as no surprise that the biggest money suck is food but food has always been one of the biggest chunks of […]

The Soft Utility Tote by Thirty-One Gifts makes me weak in the knees

I have a weakness for tote bags. I no longer carry purses and a clutch just doesn’t seem to cut it. Totes are versatile. They fit everything. They are stylish, functional and cute. They are my bae. When we moved I had to make hard choices about some of my totes. Some of them did not make the cut. […]

Knitting from the stash

I have yet to check out the LYS in Homer. For one, I usually have someone who does not care for yarn or knitting with me. Secondly, I haven’t had the van much since Bug got a job last week. Already he’s put in three or four full eight hour days and by the time […]

Believing in the magical power of cookies

Well we made it to the great state of Alaska; the last frontier as it’s called (and I’ve seen on just about every small tourist shop between the border and Homer Spit). We arrived in Alaska officially on Sunday August 9th, 2015. We drove for as long as we could before our bellies reminded us that […]

True Confessions and all of your burning questions answered

For the past several months I’ve been eluding to big changes in my family. I’m pretty sure that at times people thought either our family was splitting up OR that we were all joining a cult. Neither is true. The family is still very much intact, we’re just moving across the continent to Alaska. That’s […]