The struggle to adjust is real

The struggle to adjust is real

We’re two full weeks into this new life and I forget how much adjustment there is to moving. The last time we moved the kids were so small, and Peanut… well he wasn’t even a peanut yet. Things that didn’t matter then suddenly matter now and the adjustments that we made to make THAT HOME […]

Knitting from the stash

Knitting from the stash

I have yet to check out the LYS in Homer. For one, I usually have someone who does not care for yarn or knitting with me. Secondly, I haven’t had the van much since Bug got a job last week. Already he’s put in three or four full eight hour days and by the time […]

Believing in the magical power of cookies


Well we made it to the great state of Alaska; the last frontier as it’s called (and I’ve seen on just about every small tourist shop between the border and Homer Spit). We arrived in Alaska officially on Sunday August 9th, 2015. We drove for as long as we could before our bellies reminded us that […]

True Confessions and all of your burning questions answered

The Alaska Announcement

For the past several months I’ve been eluding to big changes in my family. I’m pretty sure that at times people thought either our family was splitting up OR that we were all joining a cult. Neither is true. The family is still very much intact, we’re just moving across the continent to Alaska. That’s […]

In which I talk about my Poststitch Sock Stitch Box and yarn subscription obsession (#sponsored review)

Poststitch Box Review

At the beginning of this year I had a crazy idea to jump out of the knitting box and try new things related to knitting (but not cables. I’m not ready for cables) so I searched the internet to see if there were any subscription boxes for knitters and I found two (I know there […]

Top 3 places to find free knitting patterns

Top 3 places to find free knitting patterns

I put myself on a yarn diet of sorts this year. The goal is to knit only from the stash. That shouldn’t be too difficult considering I purged two trash bags full of yarn a couple of weeks ago. It was painful but necessary. I tried to lessen the pain by only purging yarn that […]

My unbiasedly biased stance on the upcoming presidential election

My stance on the upcoming presidential election

Dear fellow Americans, I write to you today because as you are all well aware (or maybe you’re not and in that case, I’m super thrilled to be sharing this “breaking” news!) we are on the cusp of another presidential election. For many of us this means being revved up at a new leader in […]