You can still call me The Guilty Parent

On Saturday the 3 older kids and I headed out to a charity event that we participate in every year. It was early, early, morning and the van was quiet. The kids were still in the process of waking up so I thought I would toss some big news out into the air and see what happened.

“So I’m closing down The Guilty Parent blog and going back to the original site I started when Peanut was born.”

I was met with whys and whats and more whys from all 3 kids.

I explained that while I built The Guilty Parent on the premise of being a blog about parenting, there is so much more that I wanted to talk about and I felt pigeonholed where I was. Besides, Chaos in the Country was always meant to be all encompassing of our life out here in the boonies.

I explained all of this to them and with everything that I said, there came more disagreement and more rebuttals.

So I kept explaining; the kids have been great at being what some might call blog fodder. That’s what being a parent blogger meant to me – taking the joys and job of parenting and putting it out there to the world. All our struggles (well most of them) and our celebrations, our questions and solutions for everyone to read. Except now the kids were growing up. I told them that I understood it that they didn’t want to be blogged about.

Every one of them disagreed with me. According to the kids, they don’t care if I blog about them. They’ve grown used to it and look at it as keeping record of our lives. They like it. They like to read the comments from other people. They like a little bit of the fame that comes with being a blogger’s kid.

None of their friends’ parents have a job like mine and they love that.

Unfortunately, I have almost completely stopped blogging about them. Every time I said I wanted to blog something that had happened and they protested, I respected their wishes and didn’t tell the story. Even when I felt strongly that it should be told.

Apparently the protests weren’t meant to be taken seriously. They still wanted me to blog.

Upon hearing the news that The Guilty Parent would be merged with a new/old site all 3 of my teens got sad and quiet. Then Bebe spoke up, “We love The Guilty Parent and you can’t get rid of it.”

Bug seconded, “You are The Guilty Parent. You can’t stop being that.”


You could’ve knocked me over with a feather.

So we came to a compromise because I still feel that as they grow, their stories are less mine and more theirs. I don’t see any of them becoming professional bloggers so those stories, the ones I don’t share here will live forever in one of my many journals.

For the stories that I do share, the kids and I came to agreement that they can’t be anything other than stories from The Guilty Parent. So they all agreed that I would create a category, “Tales from The Guilty Parent” and it would be its own living (so to speak) and breathing (more so to speak) part of the old blog that so many people know and have enjoyed for the past six years.

It does my heart good to know that my kids have such strong opinions about who I am and what I do in this space and that they value it as much as I do.

You’ll find much of the old blog integrated into this one. This is my old/new home. I feel like I’ve bought the house I grew up in and I’m coming home again. There’s no place like it and it feels like the perfect time to do this.

So if you know me as The Guilty Parent, it’s okay; you can still call me that. But as for that “guilt” thing? I’m totally over it.

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