Tuesday Tunes: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Edition

I wasn’t old enough to really know or care about music until I was around 10 or 11 years old. That’s when I first discovered artists like Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, Madonna and OMG… yes, Even Tanya Tucker (thank you grandma).

So by the time I was in Middle School I had my favorites. I was definitely a Pop Music girl, singing into my hair brush and wishing I was up on stage or doing mall tours like Debbie Gibson and Tiffany.

But then… Rap happened to me. And R&B Music, Hip Hop and then hard core Rap and some of my friends moved from pop music to Run DMC, Naughty by Nature and hard core Rap groups like Beastie Boys.

Though they started out as a Punk group when I was just beginning Kindergarten, their music was already a household name by the time I was 14. I remember the first time I heard Licensed to Ill. It was like music I had never heard before and since MTV was King (and they still had music videos), those bad boys of hard core Rap grew on me. Whether it was the beat of the music, the rawness of the lyrics, or the bad boy images they created, I was hooked and considered the group my guilty pleasure in a sea of Top 10 hits and one hit wonders of my generation.

Though I never did swoon and sigh over MCA, Mike D, or Ad-Rock, I did feel a little bad (and thus embracing my inner bad girl) whenever I turned them on and blared them through my Boom Box. (Oh yes. I went there. Be jealous ya’ll.)

Last week the Beastie Boys were inducted into the Rock Hall in Cleveland and really solidified how great music and great artists never go away. The Beastie Boys are still played in my house thanks to Brian’s and my eclectic music collection and our two older boys have become fans of the group as well. Sabotage, Fight For Your Right, and Brass Monkey are popular once again. (Were they ever not?) Even now that I’m older, The Beastie Boys have a way to taking me back to younger days when music had a feeling that both freed me and gave me gusto on the dance floor.

Congratulations Beastie Boys on being part of Rock n Roll history and for bridging the generations through your music… my boys and I may or may not bust out a lyric to Fight for Your Right together every now and then.


And one of my personal favorites:

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