Thoughts on Jon and Kate from a Child of Divorce

jonandkatedivorceI held off talking about this as long as I could. I didn’t even want to go there but after reading way too much about Jon and Kate and their impending divorce, I decided I couldn’t keep my mouth shut any longer.

I’ve read a few articles as well as posts from other bloggers and the thing that I keep coming back to is how are the kids?

I ask because I come from divorced parents. Granted I was a lot older than the Gosselin children are but my younger brothers weren’t and my sister was in elementary school at the time.

Bloggy pal Sugar Jones summed up part of what I was thinking in a post when it seemed that the marriage was headed for Divorce court (and now officially is). I admit that I never watched an episode (I’m not a fan of reality tv about raising a family. You want reality TLC? Come check out my crib) but I also didn’t need to watch. There was enough buzz about the show without me actually ever turning it on.


Here’s the bottom line that really gets under my skin. Those kids are going to hurt. I really don’t wish to be Jon or Kate in 10 years when the kids wake up and realize what a fiasco their parents made of their lives.

Yes. FIASCO. You can’t tell me that any of those poor children asked for this. And you darn sure can’t tell me that America or the television studio is going to hang around and make sure that everyone is OK or that the kids get through it unscathed. I get it’s good television (for whom I don’t know, but somewhere somebody likes it) and I get that it brings in high ratings but regardless of the ratings and royalties who’s gonna pay for those kids when they need help sorting out the mess their parents created?

As I mentioned in my comment on Sugar’s post, I wonder how great their parents will appear to them once they are old enough to go back and see what happened and how things played out. The Internet lives forever you know and once it’s out there, it’s out there, good, bad, and stupid.

Jon and Kate have a moral obligation to man up and take care of their children properly. If I could speak to them, I’d tell them to get your butts out of the limelight and off the television and take care of your kids. Protect them. Respect one another and don’t tear each other down.You’ll move on but your kids will feel the affects long after it’s over.

They say kids are resiliant and that they get over divorce, unfortunately what THEY don’t tell you is how long that takes and how it affects their future relationships. I for one am living proof that it leaves a nasty scar that neither time nor apologies can heal.

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  1. Go get’em girl!

    I’m with you. Once the couple separated and things started to get nasty, the (hopefully) loving, caring parents should have removed themselves from the public eye and worked things out. Their kids do not need their lives, or their parent’s mistakes all over the TV and Internet. It would be hard enough in a private setting…

    Just think, when they get older, and say, go off to college and meet people, someone is going to realize who they were and start talking about what idiots their parents were. Can you imagine the pain and embarrassment?

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