The S-U-N Makes Me C-R-Y

Sometimes the sun shines, even at night.

“What letter is this?” I asked, pointing at the letter S, the night’s bedtime story poised in my lap. A simple three letter word sitting above my finger on the page.

“S!” Peanut exclaimed a little too loudly, giggling in excitement. Obviously this was a good book.

“Right! and it makes a ssssss sound right?” I said emphasising the s sound.

Peanut nods.

“Great! So let’s try this,” I push forward slowly sounding out “sssssss uuhhh…” Peanut picks up and finishes the last letter and sound, “N!”

“Great job! Okay let’s do it a little faster,”  I suggest. “ssss uuhh…” I start again.

“Ssssuuunnn” Peanut says hesitantly. “Ssuunn. Sun. SUN!” He shouts, laughing out loud. He threw his arms around my neck, squeezing and hugging, giggling and chuckling, his eyes dancing at what he just did. On. His. Own.

And then I cried.

Our bedtime story was:

Yes, it’s an affiliate link but this was an adorable book, I’m sure we will read it again tonight.

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  1. Oh honey… *tears* the sweetness… thank you for posting about it!
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