The last day of seventeen

Your day is going by quickly but there are things you must know before it comes to an end, for tomorrow you’ll wake up tomorrow and you’ll be an adult.

You won’t feel any different than today but it’s there. The difference will be in how society looks at you, how some of your friends may look at you, and in all the things you’ll discover in this next year.

I urge you to slow down. Don’t let this last day slip away without stopping to think about where you’ve been and where you want to go tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that.

On this last day of 17 I wish for you to remember that just because tomorrow you join the rest of the world as a grown up, doesn’t mean you’ve reached the end of your growth.  You will continue to grow long past this day. You’ll change whether you realize it or not and whether or not you want it to happen.

This day, this last day of 17, is an important one, because while it signifies an end to being a teen, it marks the beginning of a whole life full of exploration, change, discovery and hope. Don’t let your dreams from today fall away because you wake up tomorrow an adult. Carry them with you and continue to work on achieving them.

Dreams are what will guide you and keep you whole when you find yourself wishing for 17 again.

Don’t be so eager to take on the role of an adult. Yes, we get to stay up late, have no curfew and all of the other things you see as glamorous but there is great responsibility too that so many times we don’t let you see.

The last day of sseventeenOver these 17 years, I’ve told you bits and pieces of what it was like to be pregnant with you. I was so scared. I was so petrified that I wouldn’t be able to do this, that my heart wouldn’t be able to do this.

But the heart is a powerful muscle – it moves us when we think nothing else will and breaks in the moments that we feel are unbreakable. In the moment of your birth, my heart both moved me to do the impossible and broke at the same time because it was then that I realized that this last day would eventually come.

I sat in the audience at the Christmas concert last night and watched you play your last Sleigh Ride. I won’t lie, as much as this is a day I’m thankful for and have been looking forward to, your last 17, it is also a day I dread. Tomorrow I lose a piece of your childhood. It will slip away from me while we sleep tonight. The things I’ve taught you and said to you over the years won’t be recalled until you get to stand where I am, watching your own child experience their last day of 17.

You were and continue to be a miracle to me. I’ve  looked at you over these past 17 years and think, “I made this”. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would get the chance to be a mom, let alone YOUR MOM.

The last day of seventeen

My advice and wish for you over these next 17 years, smile and laugh every day my son even when you don’t want to smile and the thought of it makes you gag, forgive often, slow down and let change happen, above all else, let your heart get broken. The  next 17 years will go by before before we both know it.


The last day of seventeen


images via myself & Heather Durdil photography.

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  1. Tomorrow you will get to proclaim “I have an adult!” Big hugs to you my friend. This totally made me get all misty, I’m pretty sure it’s because it’s just so dusty in my car :)
    Heather recently posted…maybe mommy guilt isn’t so bad after allMy Profile

  2. I said no tears…and yet here they are. Hugs, mama!

    Listen boy, hug your mama for me. And happy early birthday!
    Amanda recently posted…Charleston in PhotosMy Profile

  3. Happy belated birthday to your son and congratulations to you on the last 18 years of motherhood. Great advice that your son and others will benefit from.
    Beth @ TheAngelForever recently posted…Arts Paradis on EtsyMy Profile

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