Rainy Days and Birthdays

So my birthday came and went without pomp and circumstance. Which is fine.

It’s good. Really. I have whined and bawled before like a two year old on a temper tantrum rampage about how my birthday should be nothing short of a national holiday or at least commemorated in our tiny town with a parade and a little bit of fan fare.

This year though, I got fine with it. Of course I will always wish Brian doted on my birthday like he did in the early days, or at least flounder his way through the kitchen like I do for him (Hey I bake him a cake. From scratch. Every year. And not just any cake. He gets a German Chocolate Cake. Nuff said.) But I have grown accustomed to the half remembered birthday wishes from the kids and text messages or facebook posts and I look forward to them. (Seriously, I turned off my phone and email. They were getting blown up yesterday.) They are a tiny reminder that there is still pomp and circumstance in the world only now it comes in the form of technology and social media.

Thank you everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes that you sprinkled throughout my day yesterday, I appreciate that you all remembered my day.

But as much as I loved all the birthday wishes, they really couldn’t compare to the few stolen moments Peanut and I got outside yesterday between the rain showers.

puddle jumping

I got told that this was “so much fun” between the giggles and laughter. This was “super awesome”. In that moment there was no place else on earth that I’d rather have been. No gifts I’d have rather gotten and no amount of chocolate that would have made me miss this.

It was like the heavens were saying to me that this is why you don’t need to whine about your birthday and why you don’t need pomp and circumstance every year. Because sometimes the year wows you all on its own and gives you joy and fun and the reason for being alive without you ever expecting it. This is the universe’s way of surprising you and saying…

Happy Birthday, this day was created just for you. Don’t let it slip by.

And so. I didn’t.

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  1. Aww, happy late birthday! And here is a birthday hug! ((hug)) and I am glad you enjoyed the puddles! No matter how old we get, we don’t need to forget how to be a kid!
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