PR Professionals and Brands Representatives, this one’s for you

I don’t have eleventy-billion twitter followers or even eleventy-billion page views a month (that actually falls closer to 2500). And while yes, I’ve spit out four kids, both naturally and unnaturally (scars to show Yo!), that doesn’t mean that my time, expertise, and/or digital real estate is always free.

When I express an interest in a pitch, beyond a simple review or an endorsement from a company, I get JustThisSide of bummed and more than irritated when it’s assumed that since I’m a parent sharing my stories online, that I have no use or need to make money, nor have I ever had a career or job prior to coming home full time.

What is it about being a blogger and {gasp} a MOM that makes brands, editors, and PR professionals assume that we are here to surrender our communities to them and that we’d be interested in nothing other than peddling their products or services freely?

It’s Time You Knew the Truth

I am writer; I’ve written for newspapers, online publications, and print pubs. I have over 500 pieces of content that have been ghost written for others (ebooks, press releases, major finance companies, etc), I’ve worked with a major television network (you loyal folks know who I’m talking about… you non loyal folks are just going to have to Google it). I am a blogger. I’m also a social media director; I help brands build their online profiles and communities. I teach them how to be good stewards of social media and not abuse or ignore their customers and fans. I teach companies how to talk to their fans and customers, engage with them and even solve their problems. I’ve taken over 15 years of customer service experience and training and brought it home to build the best writing and consulting business that I know how. And I do it well.

And Yes, I am a mom. But I’m also a knitter, cookie baker, wife, friend and horribly bad cow chaser (I’ve lost them. Out of my own backyard. Shame on me).

But the moment a company finds me via searching “mom blogger” all of my other skills are cast aside. I can only talk about shampoo, toys, games, DVDs, and even the occasional adult toy (how do you think all those kids got here? I mean… REALLY?).

A mom who has an actual paying job outside of blogging? What the hell are we thinking?

We can talk about your baby food all day long but we'd rather get paid for our services.

That’s just it; we ARE  thinking. Before we had kids we had lives… our job wasn’t wiping noses and butts; we worked in retail, fortune 500 companies, technology, manufacturing; you name it; we’ve done it! We didn’t all come home, start blogs, clap our hands like giddy children and think, “oooh I’ll be a mom blogger! That will make me some money fo’ sho’!” 

Bloggers (even the moms!) Have More To Offer

Many of us took those skills that we used every day in the business world and started our own businesses with them. We write, we consult, we crunch numbers, we make pretty things and we expect to be paid for those services. But you wouldn’t know that because you don’t bother to ask or click farther than our contact page and review policy (if you even look at that).

Coupons and free cupcakes don’t cut it.

So when you reach out to me (poorly, not spelling my name correctly, might I add; or worse – not calling me by name at all) and I actually reply back saying Yes to your pitch and offer you the opportunity to work with me on a greater and more involved level, and you respond back and insult me and tell me parents who share stories aren’t paid? Don’t expect me take your pitches seriously or to even answer the door when you’re product arrives.

Because I’ll using my skills, doing what I do best and getting paid for it.

Just for shits and giggles… bloggers; tell me what you did prior to becoming a “mom blogger”. What was your job before kids and diapers (or even after)?  I’d love to know!

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  1. Before I got fired for being pregnant, I was a medical records clerk. :) But I do have a college degree and know how to use my brain. That’s how my blogs are paying for Catholic School tuition.
    Lisa recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: HairRaising!My Profile

  2. I am a proud mom blogger who works full time outside the home; healthcare marketing and pr.
    Karen recently posted…**GIVEAWAY** My Little PixiesMy Profile

  3. I was an elected official for the government before quitting to start my own business. Prior to that, I have 15+ years in sales and customer service. Gasp! I even have a degree in marketing. I can be a mom and a successful business woman at the same time.
    Ellen Christian recently posted…Get #FREE digital scrapbooking kits!My Profile

  4. Currently a higher education administrator and sports mom. Before blogging, community based non-profit leader (public health, prevention) and adjunct college instructor.
    Danielle recently posted…Share Your Favorite Deal Blogs – Win $10 LL Bean Gift Card and Goodie Box (Ends 12/10/11)My Profile

  5. Well, I got pregnant when I was 17. I had a couple of different jobs, but when my daughter was about 15 I became a general manager to a restaurant in the food court of our local mall. After I left there, I became an assistant manager to a local dollar store, had a few other jobs after that, had an accident, and haven’t worked since May of 2003! I blog for a living! I agree with you on how low they want to pay for advertising! I was told if you get 50,000 Page Views, not to charge less than $1000 for advertising for 1 year! Now my PV are between 11,000 and 15,000 and my uniques are around 6200! So I’ll be charging around $500! I don’t think companies look at blogging as a job, but in all reality it truely is a job. We get up, grab a cup of coffee, sit at the computer go over things and start posting! Only difference is instead of sitting at a desk in an office building we are at in our homes!
    Sandra recently posted…20ct Excedrin Extra Strength $2.00 off Coupon + Excedrin PM 20ct $1.50 /1 Coupon!My Profile

  6. Hi Nichole,

    I’m a farily new blogger about to turn 50 and have great hopes for next year to be the best year EVER. When you’re 49 1/2, stuff just start rolling off your shoulders in prep for when you grow up at 50. Anyways, I have one child who is 25 so I don’t think I’m a mommy blogger but I appreciate your tenacity and applaud you for this post.

    I currently work for Emory University in Atlanta full-time as an Office Manager. Just got my degree from Shorter College in 2007. I was a runaway, lived on the streets of ATL for awhile then Clinton got in office and from there I’ve had the opportunity to work for several major corporations such as Digital Equip, AJC Newspapers, United Airlines and Amercian Red Cross where I have picked up professional skills along the way that has made me a well rounded individual. Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t properly acknowlege these aachievements but I keep trunkin on.

    You certainly are an inspiration and BTW you have a unique spelling to your name. I paid close attention because I have a good friend who spells hers “Niccole”.

    Keep on keepin on. Great post.

    Fratastically yours,

  7. It’s been a hard time for me being a single parent for my two kids and still I’m trying all my best to be one of the best mom of my two kids. Even though it’s hard for me but yet my pain and my stressful work are nothing if my two kids will say “I just want to hug the mother who have given birth to the kids”! really love it.
    Joana recently posted…Brainwave Entrainment Using Binaural BeatsMy Profile

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