My 10 Favorite Call Me Maybe Parodies

I think I’ve entered the demented zone.

Bug has refused me from singing Call Me Maybe anymore so I have resorted to listening to it when the kids are at school just to get a fix.

Yes. I’m sneaking Carly Rae Jepson. Like sneaking a smoke in the school bathroom but without the cancer.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a song that could stick in my head so easily as this one.

There’s a good chance that I may be a little too obsessed with the song.

Don’t believe me?

Exhibit A:

call me maybe parody

Good news! They all have homes!

Alright… the parodies are probably more fun than the song. I know the kids and I have tossed around a few.

Still, once something is stuck in my head, it’s pretty much there. For good. Or at least until something shiny comes along.


Ten favorite Call Me Maybe Parodies:

1. Share it Maybe (featuring Cookie Monster)

2. Cleveland’s Fox 8 Friday Night Football (gotta love some Ohio Flavah!)


3. ABC News and the U.S. Marines

4. U.S. Army Soldiers

(I need a Navy one now and all will be right in the world)

5. Hands Off Crazy

(Awesome political spoof of the current debate on Women’s Health)

6. I’m a Zombie Maybe

(not for people who don’t like eating babies, F-Bombs, or the sound of gremlin noise like eating)

7. Call Me Crazy

8. Tweet Me Maybe

 9. Call Me Batman

(a little fangirl if you will)


10. Call Me Maybe in the Navy

(Oh look. I found some sailors.) Also, sailors are goofballs. I love them.


You don’t have to watch them all, unless of course you’re obsessed with song too, or you love our Military, or you like Cookie Monster, Zombies, or stalker crazy girlfriends.


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