July Madness Going On NOW!

I feel like one of those annoying mattress commercials or used car commercials where the announcer screams “MIDNIGHT MADNESS SALE GOING ON NOW! DON’T MISS IT!” because as I sit and type, I am looking at a month busting at the seams with events and appointments.

We started the month rather quiet and I think I must have ruined it by opening my mouth and saying something to the affect that “wow this summer is really going by rather slow”. 

Smack me next time I open my mouth will ya? Because no sooner did I say that did the month explode. Football camp was this week and we’re week one into two weeks of swimming lessons. Next week I’m looking at a full work schedule and eye doctor appointments. This weekend will be family reunion (if we can make it) and a cook out with friends (more on that later, I have a giveaway coming for that).  The following week starts football practice for Shorty, band camp for Bug and Bebe is taking the week to go to her grandmother’s to stay so she can attend a self defense camp. (Go Girl Power! Kick some A$$ Bebe!) 

And here I was worried we’d be bored and do nothing all summer long. Silly me. 

We haven’t even gotten into what happens next month with back to school shopping, Peanut attending Jump Start (a great program to introduce and prepare him for Kindergarten), more band camp and dentist appointments, Bebe’s check up and Peanut’s Kindergarten immunizations and Soccer practice and more football (I know there’s more going on than that in there but it’s what my head is focusing on now). And did I mention that school starts at the end of next month too?

When does the madness stop? Probably never but for the first time in about five years (yes since Peanut was born), I’m actually enjoying the insanity. I’m enjoying madness just enough to realize that we only get to go around and do this crazy life once and we might as well have a damn good time with it.

So while the summer starts to wind away here don’t mind me while I put on my fedora, light up a cigar and wave a sign crazily in your face screaming:



And if you’re feeling like a crazy tune to get up and make you dance or match your July madness, I have just the thing for that:


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  1. I’m like you – if it weren’t crazy busy insane, I think I’d go insane!

    And BTW, love this song :)

  2. I’m like you – if it weren’t crazy busy insane, I think I’d go insane!

    And BTW, love this song :)

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