His Very Big Job

I believe that no child of mine is too small to take on a chore or job designed just for them and even my youngest is no exception. He helps set the table, clear the table, pick up his toys, take the dirty laundry from the bathroom to the laundry room and performs any other job that is just right for him.

This week, I picked out a job that is so important, so right that it couldn’t go to just anyone. No, this job is of the utmost importance and held in high regard that only HE could do it.

He’s taking care of daddy this week while I’m away at Blissdom this week.

Don’t laugh. This is a HUGE FREAKIN JOB. And that’s exactly what I told him when I gave it to him. While I’m traveling this week, I couldn’t give this job to just any of my four children; No. I had to hand pick the perfect child to be in charge of daddy’s care and recovery from surgery.


Do you know what it’s like to be specially chosen to do something because it couldn’t be trusted to just anyone?

Yes, this week Peanut feels just like that.

He beamed with pride as I explained that while I really wanted him to come with me and my heart would break that he wasn’t at my side this week, I really needed him at home because daddy had surgery and his brothers and sister were in school. There was only ONE. PERSON perfect enough to look after daddy and make sure he was getting rest, doing his knee exercises and staying out of trouble and that perfect person was him.

Off he ran to tell daddy that while mommy was away at her “bacation” he would be taking care of him and they would play games and watch favorite shows, and be together ALL. DAY. It would be awesome he told daddy.

And I beamed with pride as I once again, turned a moment that started out with a hefty dose of mommy guilt, with a sad, tearful little boy tugging at his mommy’s heart, into a big boy with a new found purpose in life; care taker to daddy.

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